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Windows Hybrid web hosting includes: ASP Database web hosting - SQL Server web hosting - PHP MySQL web hosting - Multi domain web hosting - VPS and Free web hosting solution for businesses and resellers

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At ZeeHosting.com we believe that sound business practices benefit both ourselves and our customers. We employ policies and procedures to ensure high quality customer service and minimize problems and downtime.

Private Policy
We believe in the right to privacy both for individuals and organizations and this belief is reflected in our privacy policy. We do not share information with any third parties and fully respect your right to confidentiality.

Security Policy
Our security policy is designed to keep information stored on our servers secure from intruders and other unauthorized individuals. We take great care to keep your data secure and pay particular attention to the security of sensitive information such as credit card numbers, customer profiles and other confidential information.

Payment Policy
Our payment policy is fair to both ourselves and our customers. We strive to provide high quality service, and work hard to ensure that you receive value for your hosting dollar. Our payment policy is designed to minimize our time and effort collecting bad debts and chasing down delinquent accounts. This allows us to put our effort where it counts: providing services to our paying customers.



For support issues, use our hosting support form or e-mail us at support@zeehosting.com.

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