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Windows Hybrid web hosting includes: ASP Database web hosting - SQL Server web hosting - PHP MySQL web hosting - Multi domain web hosting - VPS and Free web hosting solution for businesses and resellers

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Discounted Domain Prices

Starting at $13.95 a year (and now as low as $12.95 a year when you register for 5 years at once) our discounted domain registration come with Free Web + Email forwarding.

Your Own Domain... (www.yourname.com)
ives you a professional way to present your business.
Gives you credibility.
Allow customers to easily remember where to find you online.

Renewal fees for a further year(s) are the same price as the initial registration.

Cyber Indentity

 To register your domain(s)...please login below.
Reserve your business name today, for as low as $12.95/year!



 Domain Pricing Groups

1 Yr

2 Yrs

5 Yrs (p/yr cost)

.com, .net, .org $13.95 $27.9 $64.75 (12.95/yr)
.biz, .info, .us* N/A $27.9 $64.75 (12.95/yr)
.bz, .cc $29.95 $59.9 $144.75 (28.95/yr)
.nu* N/A $59.9 $144.75 (28.95/yr)
.tv $44.95 $89.9 $219.75 (43.95/yr)
.ws $19.95 $39.9 $94.75 (18.95/yr)
.name* (does not come with a control panel and free email forwarding) N/A $24 $60 ($12/yr)
.name Email Forwarding account only N/A $38 $95 ($19/yr)
.name Dual Registration*
(Registration + Email Forwarding)
N/A $40 $100 ($20/yr)
 Prices in US Dollars


*Two year registration required

Free Domain Features


It is very important that you get your domain name registered at your earliest before someone else registers it. Act Now...!! Register your domain name before it is too late and reserve your Internet Identity.

Domain name redemption

If your domain name has expired for over a month and was not renewed for the following reasons, it goes into redemption status for the next 2 months. After the next two months the domain gets released to the public for registration. Most domain TLDs such as .com, .org, .net can still be registered at a regular price within the first 30 days of the domain name expiration with us.
1) If we could not process payment on your charge card on file and you did not update your payment charge card information with us after we notified you by sending email(s) to your email address on file.

2) If you notified us that you did not want to renew your domain in writing and changed your mind later by notifying us in writing.

We are not responsible for domain name(s) that goes into redemption and/or gets released to the public if we cannot process payment on your charge card on file.  Cost to pull domain out of redemption status: $299

For support issues, use our hosting support form or e-mail us at support@zeehosting.com.

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