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Windows Hybrid web hosting includes: ASP Database web hosting - SQL Server web hosting - PHP MySQL web hosting - Multi domain web hosting - VPS and Free web hosting solution for businesses and resellers

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The biggest decision you will make when you put your business online is which Web Hosting Company to trust with your web site. The performance, availability and success of your web site largely depends on your provider's expertise, network infrastructure and service level.

Our Servers!

ZeeHosting.com's secret for optimal web hosting reliability and performance is attributed to our extensive experience in fine tuning our own custom built servers.
Each server is built to suit our requirements. Since our servers are custom built, we have the ability to troubleshoot and replace servers instantly without having to wait for an outsourced company to come to our rescue.

Being developers & users friendly, our servers are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a Week, and are backed up regularly.

• Intel Processor, Pentium 4/Xeon OR Athlon XP/MP
• Dual Disk Drive, RAID 1 drive system
• Custom Build Server
• Microsoft® Windows2000® Advanced Server
• Microsoft® 5.0 Internet Information Server

We use only Cisco routing equipment and Intel processors. Our web servers run dual disk drive, Raid I configurations. Should a hard drive fail at any time, the backup drive takes it place instantly.



Our Data Center! (Network Operating Center)

Our network center is backed up by dedicated 100 amp circuits that are specially designed to handle the fluctuating power requirements of high speed computer equipment.

Attached to these dedicated circuits are battery backups capable of keeping the entire network online for more than 48 hours. We have never had a power failure and the energy grid we are located in is running at less than 10% capacity.

• High speed fiber optic network
• State-of-the-art data center
• Redundant Gigabit Connections
• 24x7 network monitoring
• Cisco® routing equipments
• Dedicated 100 amp circuits
• Anti-static environment
• Firewall protection
• UPS power backup
• Tape data backup
• Daily data backup
• Generator power backup
• Intrusion Detection System
• BGP4 Routed Network



For support issues, use our hosting support form or e-mail us at support@zeehosting.com.

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