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Windows Hybrid web hosting includes: ASP Database web hosting - SQL Server web hosting - PHP MySQL web hosting - Multi domain web hosting - VPS and Free web hosting solution for businesses and resellers

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Multi Domain Gold - Web Hosting Plan

Windows Web Hosting 2003

More than One Domain to Host.
Our Multi Domain Web Hosting Plans are especially useful for web design companies and virtual ISPs who wish to host many domains within the same web space for their clients.

Control Panel demo
Zee Master Control Panel Demo

  • One Time Setup Fee apply only for the initial setup of Domain under Monthly Payment Plan.
  • No Setup Fee for further Web Hosting accounts under Multi-Domain Package.
  • Absolutely No Hidden Charges.
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.
Features Details
Plan Over View:  
• $45.95 per month (Yearly)
• $9.95 setup fees (One time)
• No setup fee for yearly payment plan
• 20 Domains to host
• 80 Combined Sub Domains
• 3000 MB Combined Disk Space
• 140 GB Total Monthly Data Transfer
• Preinstalled Scripts
• ASP .Net, PHP, PERL, XML support
• FrontPage 2003 support
• Unlimited POP emails
• Ten total mailing lists2
• Ten combine DSNs
• Access Database support
Newป 4  FREE MS-SQL database 800MB, 4  FREE mySQL database 800MB inclusive of the plan size
Disk Space & Traffic: Domain Name:
Great Features for Gold Plan
• 10000 MB Combined Disk Space
(about 30000 WebPages)
• 140 GB Monthly Data Transfer1
• ~14,000,000 hits/month
• Web Hosting Platform = Windows Server 2003
• Upgradeability
• 20 Domains to host
• Domain Registration at discounted price*
• Domain Control Panel
• International domains hosted
• 40 Combined Sub-Domains
• Domain Alias
• Use your own domain name (e.g. www.yourname.com)
Email Services: Robust Site Management Tools:
• Email Manager (Control Panel)
• Virtual SMTP / POP3 server
• Unlimited email accounts
• Unlimited email forwarding
• Unlimited email aliases
• Unlimited auto-responders
• Ten combine mailing lists2
• Web/POP3 email access
• IMAP Support
• Address book
• Create & Manage Mailboxes
• Catch-all email alias
• Search for mail messages
• Modify user preferences


• ODBC support
• Microsoft Access 2003
• Microsoft Paradox
• Microsoft Visual FoxPro
• Microsoft dBase
• Microsoft Excel
• Instant DSNs creation
• Ten Combine DSNs included
• OLE DB Connection Support

MS SQL-2000
Newป 4  FREE MS-SQL database 800MB, 4  FREE mySQL database 800MB inclusive of the plan size
• Additional SQL-2000 (100MB)*
(SQL is hosted on separate dedicated database servers)
• Click here for Additional SQL prices


• Microsoft Media
• Shockwaveฎ ready
• Flash Support
• Midi streams
• Advance streaming WAVs


• Webalizer - Traffic Analyzer
• Transfer Logs
• Raw Data Log Access

Website Controllers
Zee Master Control Panel in 7 Languages (Zee Master Demo)
Web Site Studio
(Online Site Studio Demo)
Email Manager
ป Web Server Configuration Manager
ป Domain Names Manager
ป Password Manager
FTP Manager
FrontPage Manager
DNS Server Manager
Error Pages Manager
ป Resource Quota Manager
ป Complete Billing Management
ป Complete User Management
URL Submission Manager
Free Site Submit to 14 Search engines

Additional Site Tools
• Instant Resource Creation
• Disk usage meter
• Reverse Trace route
• Ability to define Directory Index
• Free Hit counters
• Instant Account Activation

FTP Manager
• 24 hour unlimited FTP access
• Change FTP password
• Modify FTP Disk Quota

Error Pages Manager
• 400 Bad Request
• 401 Authorization Required
• 403 Forbidden
• 404 Page not Found
• 405 Method Not Allowed
• 500 Internal Server Error
• 501 Method Not Implemented

DNS Server Manager

• Full access to DNS server
• Add DNS "A" Record
• Add DNS "MX" Record
• Add DNS "CNAME" Record
• Change SOA timeouts

Development Tools: Data Center:

Active Server Pages
• ASP 3.0
• ASP email component 5.0
• ASP Upload 3.0
• ASP Jpeg 1.3
• ASP.Net 1.1, 2.0, 3.5 with AJAX

FrontPage Manager

• FrontPage 2003
• FrontPageฎ 2003 Server Ext.
• Enable-Disable FrontPage Ext.
• Change FrontPage password
• FrontPage form mail settings

Additional Dev Tools
• MDAC 2.7 SP1
• Perl 5.8
• PHP 4.3.3
• PHP Module
• VB scripting
• Java scripting
• Custom MIME Type
• SSI (server side includes)
• WAP enabled
• XML 4.0 SP2 enabled
• Free Scripts
• SSL Module*

• High speed fiber optic network
• State-of-the-art data center
• Redundant Gigabit Connections
(Level3, Wiltel, Williams, YIPES, XO, Global Crossing)
• 24x7 network monitoring
• Ciscoฎ routing equipments
• Dedicated 100 amp circuits
• Anti-static environment
• Firewall protection
• UPS power backup
• Tape data backup
• Daily data backup
• Generator power backup
• Intrusion Detection System
• BGP4 Routed Network
 Server Specifications:


• Intel Processor, Pentium 4/Xeon OR Athlon XP/MP
• SCSI 320 15000 K, Dual Disk Drives, RAID 1
• Dell PowerEdge or Custom Build Server
• Microsoftฎ Windows2003ฎ Advanced Server
• Microsoftฎ 6.0 Internet Information Server (IIS 6.0)
Guarantees: Support:
99.9% network uptime guarantee
ป 99.7% server uptime guarantee
30 day money back guarantee
• 24 hour support via email
• Online Help on Every Screen of Control Panel
• Knowledge Base
Preinstalled Software/Scripts  
This account comes with Chat, Counter and Guest Book preinstalled CGI scripts. They are FREE, already installed and ready for use. They are available in ASP, PERL and/or PHP.

ASP scripts
• Conquer Chat
• Web Wiz Graphical Counter
• Web Geustbook
Perl Scripts
• Every Chat
• E-Guest
• Basic Graphical Counter

PHP Scripts
• Virtual PHP Chat
• Spider Discussion
• Jevonweb Guestbook
* Web Hosting Plan Options
Additional  SQL-2000 (100 MB)        
  (SQL is hosted on separate dedicated database servers)        
  Monthly US$11.95/month no setup fee Add to Cart  
  Yearly US$8.95/month x 12 no setup fee Add to Cart  
Domain Alias US$15/year no setup fee Add to Shopping Cart  
Dedicated IP address3 US$24/year no setup fee Add to Shopping Cart  
SSL Installation
(IP address needed)
- US$20/- setup fee Add to Shopping Cart  
Discounted Domain Registration US$13.95/Year - Click here for details  
Backup Charges        
  Website Restore US$15/-      
  Additional website under same account US$3/- each      
  Email Accounts Restore US$20/- for 5 mail boxes
US$2/- further mail boxes
  Database Restore US$15/- upto 400 MB
US$20/- 400 - 1000MB

1. Based on average daily traffic limit. (4667MB of average daily traffic limit x 30)

2. Mailing list with up to 100 subscribers.

3. According to ARIN's guideline, one should have a reason to get a static IP address.

All prices listed in US dollars.


Specifications and prices are subject to change without notice

Price Structure
Multi Domain Gold Plan



Setup Fee




Setup Fee



Prices in US$


MS Ajax framwork supported

MS FrontPage 2003 Ext


  Mircosoft Access 2000 Database

Shockwave Ready


Site Studio
Site Studio


ASP Upload


ASP Email





For support issues, use our hosting support form or e-mail us at support@zeehosting.com.

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