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Windows Hybrid web hosting includes: ASP Database web hosting - SQL Server web hosting - PHP MySQL web hosting - Multi domain web hosting - VPS and Free web hosting solution for businesses and resellers

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What is Included in our NT Web Hosting Control Panel? Hosting Control Panel  

ZEE Hosting.com is pleased to announce the release of its New Windows NT Web Hosting Control Panel. This hosting innovation will provide hosting administrators with easy management of many of the Windows server features that are normally managed by hosting support personnel.

ZEE Hosting.com NT Web Hosting Control Panel (HCP) is a powerful tool that gives you variety of tools & tons of option to control your web site.  Using Hosting Control Panel lets you, for example, access DNS server, modify or setup raw data logging, change FTP and FrontPage passwords, reset admin password on mail server, modify file/folder access, modify URL redirections, view site statistics, create Sub-domains, setup DSNs and much more.  For more information on Domain Control Panel please visit our FAQ pages or (Knowledge Base).

ZEEHosting.com NT Web Control Panel (HCP) includes the following tools/options.
  1. Check Website usage
  2. Modify DNS
  3. FrontPage 98/2000 Ext.
  4. Modify Raw Data Logging
  5. Online Log Analyzer
  6. Change FTP Password
  7. Reset ADMIN Password on mail server
  8. Page Counters
  9. Modify Files/Folders Access
  10. MS Access DSNs
  11. Modify Custom 404 Error Location
  12. Configure Mail Server
  13. Change FrontPage Password
  14. Modify URL Redirections
  15. Setup a new Web Hosting Account

Check Website usage

It displays the total disk space allowed, used & free. It tells the usage in:

  • Web Space
  • Secure Space
  • Mail Space

The results are mention in both Megabytes (MB) and Percentage.


Modify DNS

Using our Hosting Control Panel you have full access to modify the DNS server. Such that:

  • You have the ability to change SOA timeouts. You can set Refresh, Retry, Expire and TTL timings for your session.
  • You can yourself create as many as 35 Sub-Domains. We provide 40 sub-domains, 5 are pre-configured for system, such as mail.yourdomain.com etc.
  • You have the ability to Modify DNS server, i.e. 'A', 'MX', 'CNAME' records.

For more information Click here


FrontPage 98/2000 Ext.

All of our web hosting account are configured to use FrontPage 98-2000 extensions. These allow you to use many of the different things that FrontPage does (WebBots). In order to utilize WebBots, you must have a server with FrontPage extensions installed. In addition to other benefits FrontPage extension allows you to work on your website in active mode.

  • Here you can Enable, Disable or Remove FrontPage Ext. at any time.

  • You can also configure FrontPage Form Mail Settings for your website.

If you use FrontPage, it is recommended that you signup for Windows NT hosting accounts as UNIX does not have all of the support that FrontPage needs.


Modify Raw Data Logging

This option allows you to accumulate data logs that your site generates. You can choose from variety of logging options.

The log data can be retrieved from your web site via FTP, FrontPage etc., or can be used in analyzing your web traffic with a supplied web stats system.

Log files help you keep track of the activity on your site.  You can specifically see who is accessing your site, what page, when and much more.


Online Log Analyzer

Online Log Analyzer is the essential tool that helps you to make the right decision regarding your website. With our support for Live Stats, you can reveal the who, what, when, where and how of customers visiting your site. Technical data are included to quickly report on the basics of access levels, server activity, where your visitors are coming from, the most common browsers and platforms used by site visitors, and much more. You can use this information to e.g. fine tune your website, identify areas that need improvements.


Change FTP Password

Want to change the FTP Password frequently, no problem. Log on to control panel and change the password as many times as you want.

We provide you all the control you need to manage your website, thereby increase your productivity & providing you convenience.


Reset ADMIN Password on mail server

Forget or Lost the ADMIN (MAIL) Password, no problem. Log on to control panel and reset the ADMIN password. This is yet another feature ZEE HOSTING offers its customers.


Page Counters

A large collection of Hit Counters is available to use on your web pages. Counter maintenance in also available which will allow the modification of your counter stats.


Modify Files/Folders Access

This tool on the Hosting Control Panel provides you a way to control or specify file/folder permissions. Using this utility you can specify, (R) read, (W) write, (D) delete and (X) Execute permissions.

This is an invaluable tool seldom offered in the web hosting arena. This allows you total control on setting anonymous files folders permission.


MS Access DSNs

Unlike other hosting companies which ask that you contact them for setting up database DSN (Data Source Name), we allow you an option to do this by yourself in no time. Under Domain Control Panel for web hosting you will find an option to setup DSN instantly and related guidance.


Modify Custom 404 Error Location

This option lets you customize your site to an additional degree by letting you have your own custom 404 error page. 404 error is most common to web sites and occurs when a requested page is not found.


Configure Mail Server

Here you have option to logon into mail server directly and manage/administer your entire mail server via. our mail administration utility.


Change FrontPage Password

Access to change the FrontPage Password is yet another feature we offer. You can change the password as many times as you like, giving you an additional tools to manage security on your website.

Here we give your own control to change FrontPage password.


Modify URL Redirections

Here you can setup Unlimited URL Redirections.


Setup a new Web Hosting Account

It is our most powerful and automated utility that allows you to create further hosting accounts instantly (usually in 15 to 20 seconds) under your one main account.
This is a paid section, here you can open as many websites for yourself & for your clients and then lets you set what properties that domain receives.

For a tutorial on opening your hosting account and web sites click here.



For support issues, use our hosting support form or e-mail us at support@zeehosting.com.

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